Who we are

We are Abel and Ari, founding partners of
BEST MOROCCO TOUR and also husband and wife.

How we met?

We met as tour guides in the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat (Barcelona) and then began our beautiful history.

We have first founded Barcelona Vip Tour, currently one of the leading agencies in the organization of private tours, tailor-made trips, corporate events and incentive trips in Barcelona. After 17 years of success came the idea of Best Morocco Tour.

On a trip we have made to Morocco in a month of January with our daughter who was then only 5 years old, we have fallen in love with the magic of this wonderful country and have decided to make it known to the world. All this would not have been possible if we hadn’t had a great team of professionals.

We are perfectionists:

At Best Morocco Tour we work with the true standards of the “BEST”. We are very perfectionists in our work, perhaps to the extreme. That’s why we only organize tours, trips and events of the highest quality. We understand that if you’re here it’s because that’s exactly what you’re looking for. The Network is full of websites of travel organizers to Morocco but you want the best. ! Congratulations on getting here!!


At Best Morocco Tour we offer more than travel, we offer you security, unforgettable experiences and safe adventures. Our goal is that you can enjoy your trip with excellent customer service and a wide range of activities and experiences with total organization and security. Quick response, tailor-made programs and personalized attention, These are some tasks that our team performs with total efficiency.

Sustainable travel

Our philosophy is to organize tours, trips and events with respect for the culture and values of the destination country within a sustainability framework that could have a positive impact on its population and its entire geographical area. We are a company but we are also human and we care a lot about people’s feelings, so our main task is to create happiness through our travels.

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