Guided city tour of Fes

Guided city tour of Fes

Fes is probably the most imperial of all Moroccan cities. Fes is both a spiritual and cultural center of this kingdom. The grandeur of its madrasah, the refinement of its thousand and one night palaces and the wealth of its museums is the result of the mixture of various civilizations. Fes inherited the Arab nobility, the refinement of Al-Andalus, Jewish ingenuity and Berber tenacity. Fes is an open-air museum, its priority is to preserve its traditions. Its Medina is classified as part of World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. At Morocco Vip Tour we know that there is no better way to know a city than by visiting it with an expert local tour guide. Our guides are true connoisseurs of the labyrinth that is the Medina and all its secret corners. You can rest assured you will be accompanied at all times by our private tour guide from Fes who will guide you through the labyrinths of the city and will explain in detail our 1200 years of history and the protocol of each place of worship.

What you can expect on an 8-hour guided tour of Fes:

You will visit the Royal Palace – you will experience the Fes el Bali (the Old Medina) – see the Madrasa Bou Anania – Nejjarine Fountain – Mosque (only exterior for non – Muslims) and Madarasa Karaouine (seat of the University of Fez) – you will also visit the Jewish Quarter (El Mellah) –  the Maristan – Moulay Idriss Mausoleum – Tanners Quarter – Artisans Quarter divided by guilds

What you can visit on a 4-hour guided tour of Fes:

You will visit the Fes el Bali (old medina) – Mosque (only exterior for non-Muslims) and Madrasa Karaouine – Jewish Quarter of Fes – El Maristan – and see the Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss – Tanners Quarter

A private guided tour of Fes is suitable for all ages and all types of public. Most of this route is done on foot. Transportation services are required to reach the Royal Palace and its walls.  You can choose between a 4 hour or 8 hour tour of Fes depending on the time you have available. Lunch is not included, however, your private guide in Fez can advise you on the very best restaurants to visit in Fes.



Tradition & Comfort

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At Best Morocco Tour we believe that the experiences we offer should be real and authentic. In order to achieve that, we prefer to always include in every one of our trips and tours, authentic traditional architecture accommodations. These reflect the culture of the country and its true essence with maximum comfort and convenience. We believe that an experience is only truly appreciated, when you are submerged fully into it.


In Morocco there is a category of accommodation referred to as a “riad”. It is a traditional accommodation and with a lot of charm and personality. Some riads are true architectural treasures and look like palaces from a child’s story book. The word riad in Arabic means “Eden”. A riad is typically a spacious house whose rooms are distributed around an interior patio, enhanced by a fountain surrounded by a geometric garden, where ornamental and aromatic plants, orange trees and on some occasions even palm trees grow.

Most of the riads are old residences and palaces turned into charming hotels located in the old urban core of the cities.

There Are Riads Of All Categories:

Standard: This is equivalent to what according to the international scale is classified as a 2*/3* accommodation.

Superior standard: Is the equivalent to what according to the international scale is classified as a 4* accommodation.

Luxury: This is equivalent to what according to the international scale is classified as a 5* accommodation.

Premium: Is the equivalent to what according to the international scale is classified as high standing accommodation. In Morocco many premium riads are referred to as “Villas.” They are large residential-tourist complexes or resorts, usually far from the center and the hustle and bustle of the cities.

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Authentic Experience

Jaimas In The Desert

During our excursions to the Sahara desert we offer the possibility of sleeping in authentic Berber camps. These are typically nestled in the middle of the dunes and under the blanket of the clear night sky filled with stars. “Jaimas” are a kind of tent used by nomadic people in their desert settlements. It is a good option to experience the desert in its purest form, it’s vastness and freedom.

Elegance, maximum comfort and convenience

In Best Morocco Tour

During our tours in the desert of Morocco we use two types of tents. Depending on the circumstances you can opt for the Berber tents; typically made from dromedary wool, cane/ wood or the costumary tents made of canvas with traditional decorative print. All tents are fully equipped to guarantee maximum comfort and convenience. However, the traveler must be conscious that this is a natural environment and the comforts of a tent in the middle of the desert cannot be compared to those of a city hotel.

This experience includes a dromedary ride to enjoy the impressive spectacle of the sunrise in the Moroccan desert as well as sunset in the dunes, full breakfast, dinner and a demonstration of traditional desert music, such as the Berber drums.

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